Rich, creamy goodness with every drop.

The MARIGOLD Canned Milk range comprises of MARIGOLD Sweetened Creamer, MARIGOLD Kopi & Teh Tarik Sweetened Creamer, MARIGOLD Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk, MARIGOLD Vitaminised Sweetened Creamer, MARIGOLD Evaporated Filled Milk, MARIGOLD Evaporated Creamer and MARIGOLD Evaporated Full Cream Milk.

Learn how to utilise MARIGOLD Canned Milk to the fullest with these delicious recipes.

What's Available

Sweetened Creamer
Kopi & Teh Tarik Sweetened Creamer
Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk
Vitaminised Sweetened Creamer
Cap Cawan
Evaporated Filled Milk
Evaporated Creamer
Evaporated Full Cream Milk
Chef's Selection Evaporated Creamer